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The MYtime Standard Edition - automated timesheet application providing minimum user
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Standard Edition
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23 July 2008

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While working on different projects you often track the time you are taking in accomplishing it. This helps in sprucing up the performance. If you are yet to find a suitable time tracker, then you can take the assistance of MYtime Standard Edition application. It’s an automatic timesheet application that supports the users in recording the detailed report of the cost and time. It could prove to be useful for the Programmers, Lawyers, Writers, Consultants, etc. The program can be customized as per your requirements. The application has the capability to create, open and export the data to file formats like MS Word, Excel, and others. This feature helps you to take your data anywhere you want. Now you can record number of tasks and projects duration with ease.

The interface of the MYtime Standard Edition consists of easy to understand features. While installing the application you can select to install it at your system or portable USB drive. After the installation you’re required to enter some Personal information with the mentioned fields. Going further you can use the default setting or make changes to different configurations with the given five steps. With first step settings, you can make changes to the Options, select the week days, lunch start time, Function options, display options, and submit features. Then you need to enter the details relating to the Users, Clients, Projects and Tasks. These help you to keep a proper record of all the important data related to different projects and tasks. When you have entered the required information, click ‘Ok’ and the program interface is opened in front of the users. It shows the list of all the projects or other tasks that you’re carrying out and helps in recording the timing with ease.

MYtime Standard Edition, helps the user in meeting the deadlines, and also helps in improving the efficiency remarkably. Other features are- detailed report of the tasks and projects, auto-pause for lunch. The application has been rated with 3.5 rating points, for the competence it works with, and the simplified feature-set, which helps even the novice users to operate with it.

Publisher's description

The MYtime Standard Edition - automated timesheet application providing minimum user effort in recording time and detailed reporting of time and costs. Simple time tracking for Programmers, Writers, Lawyers, Consultants .. which can be customised to your needs. No training is required and extensive help available.
New features includes easy-export functionality to create and auto-open data in Microsoft Word, Excel and more, plus portable versions to take your timesheets everywhere. XP and Vista theme support and autosave functionality to save your data every 10 minutes.
These build on the easy to use time tracking system. Which automates the creation of timesheets allows the user to customise the details displayed and provides detailed reporting against the tasks and projects.
E-mail technical support available for one year on registration.
Version Standard Edition
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